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The Five Best Ducati Motorcycles from 2000-2010

Ducati has a long history of engineering motorcycles that appear on the scene with new and innovative technologies. The manufacturer had already built a solid reputation for their powerful and high in demand Italian bikes, but when the Castiglioni brothers bought into Ducati, they brought with them a passion and enthusiasm that fueled a new fire that still burns in every motorcycle produced. Ducati was good, but it got even better. The bikes released between 2000 and 2010 were proof of the passion and dedication to performance and giving the public what they wanted. Here are the best five models produced in that era.

2000 Ducati Monster 900

The Monster 900 is a model that was first produced in 1992 and it featured plenty of innovations as it came on the scene. A naked design was the intention of the bike that was admired at the Cologne International Motorcycle Show, but this was just the beginning for the model that would enjoy a long and successful run. It earns the distinction in the history of Ducati as the most imitated bike of all time, which is nothing less than sheer flattery. it was simplistic yet embodied the true spirit of Ducati with its beautiful Italian design aesthetic. When paired with a 904cc Pompone engine it entered the class of Supersport. Special versions of this bike were created but the 2000 900 remains an icon. More than 250,000 of the model has been unleashed on the world. It's powerful thanks to a 90-degree L-twin cylinder 4-stroke type 904cc engine featuring air and oil cooling matched with a six-speed transmission.

2000 Ducati 996 SBK

In 2000, the 996 SBK took first place in the British Superbike Championship under the influence of Neil Hodgson and again in the same year it was the ultimate winner in the World Superbike Championship with the Constructors Championship. Ducati knew that they had a special bike on their hands as it continued to impress as the bike of choice for John Reynolds when he won the British Superbike Championship in 2001. The preferred trellis frame supported the Desmodromic double camshaft L-twin cylinder 996cc 4-stroke engine. A special version of this bike was manufactured for California customers featuring a steering damper, Marchesini five-spoke weeks and an Ohlins rear shock absorber. The engine generated 112 horsepower and reached a top speed of 161.6 miles per hour, matched with a 6-speed transmission. It was a racer's dream and earned a special place in the history of Ducati.

2000 Ducati 900 MHE

Times were changing and Ducati fulfilled its commitment to keep up. The 2000 900 MHE model was the first that Ducati offered for sale in an online format. This opened sales up to virtually all parts of the globe. The company launched its website to keep pace with the demand for an online presence. The 900 MHE made its first appearance as a concept bike at the Milan Show in 1998. With their new website in place at the start of 2000, Ducati was swamped with orders for the new bike and it only took the space of about 30 minutes for the online orders to explode with every single bike in the initial run of 1000 units selling out. The 2000 900 MHE is a limited run bike, but because of its rampant success, the company decided to increase the limited production run to a total of 2000 units which are all numbered.

2003 Ducati 999

The 999 represents a shift in Ducati's standard focus that was cemented in the hearts of fans of the 748, the 916, the 996 and the 998. It was time to introduce something new that would carry the manufacturer forward into the new millennium. Pierre Terblanche is credited with the design of this breakaway bike that featured a host of new features, signaling a departure from the old and a brand new line in the Ducati family. The 999 turned its focus towards increasing rider comfort while introducing advances in technology. The addition of double polyellipsoidal front headlights was a nice touch. This model turned out to be a huge success on the track winning three Superbike titles in 2003, 2004 and again in 2006. The production run lasted for five years before the 1098 model took its place with a retro design that led the lines back towards the influence of the 916.

2006 Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 Paul Smart Limited Edition

The year 2004 marked the beginning of a special era for Ducati. The Sport Classic line was re-introduced to the world in the form of the GT 1000. The Paul Smart limited edition was inspired by the 750 Desmo circa 1973. This impressive bike gave fans the whole retro experience, plus added value. with the 1000cc L-Twin cylinder engine with high efficiency. Only 2,250 of this special edition were ever made in 2006. This makes it a collectible, even though the bike is not yet that old, there aren't that many of them around. The last GT1000 was released in 2010.

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