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A Closer Look at the Torgoen T21 Flight GMT

Torgoen T21 Flight GMT

The Torgoen T21 Flight GMT is a classic watch that blends aviation computing and modern style in one timepiece. The watch welcomes us to flight training, hence, it is a unique timepiece, featuring an E6B embedded analog flight computer. The watch dates back to the 1930s when US pilots in the naval first innovated it. It is inspired by the E6B, a technology that incorporates a slide rule. The slide rule creates a flight schedule and calculates fuel consumption, time, route, wind correction, and other statistics. Torgoen T21 is complete with the GMT function, making it the ultimate watch for all aviation enthusiasts and pilots. Here is a closer look at the Torgoen T21 flight GMT.

History of Torgoen watches

According to Torgoen, Torgoen is a watch company founded in 2009 by experienced watchmakers and aviation aficionados who have tons of experience making the world's best watches. The co-founders had been in the watchmaking industry for a long time. They decided to team up and create an original design with three significant characteristics; Design, Affordability, and Quality. Ever since, Torgoen has been making beautiful, long-lasting vintage watches. Benzi Rosenski is a licensed single-engine pilot and one of the creators of Torgoen watches. Benzi describes Torgoen's watches as a timepiece created with the aim of offering pilots affordable watches with an excellent Swiss touch. Torgoen watches are affordable and cost below $500. The name Torgoen is derived from Thor, the thunder god in Nordic legend stories, and 'goen,' combined to create the company's unique name. Torgoen watches are elegant, versatile, original, and classy. In 2019, Torgoen's trademark was taken over by E.Gluck Corporation, a well-known watch manufacturing industry.


Torgoen is an ethically driven company, and it uses high-quality materials to manufacture all its watches. After manufacturing, a Service, Quality, and Compliance manager inspects all the watches and ensures they meet the company's three key goals of design, affordability, and quality. Inspection is done at every manufacturing stage to ensure that nothing is missed along the way. The movement of Torgoen watches is manufactured in Switzerland. They use the K1, sapphire crystals, stainless steel, and premium Italian leather belts to make the watches. The whole process of making the watches is overseen by competent staff who are strategically positioned at every production stage. Before manufacturing, the components of the watches are thoroughly inspected, and the same process is done after manufacturing. The old cockpit instrumentation inspires the watches' design because the watch is specifically made to be worn by pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The creative team behind the watches is loaded with tons of experience and innovation. The watches have passed several ergonomic tests for accessibility and excellent visibility. Besides the T21 Flight GMT, other Torgoen watch collections include; T9, T10, T16, T18, T25, T42, and T45.

Features of Torgoen T21 Flight GMT

The mission of the Torgoen T21 is to welcome you to the fantastic world of flying instructions. This is a unique model that is fitted with an E6B analog flight computer. The watch is 44mm in length, and it features a body made from solid stainless steel body and the world's best sapphire crystal glass. It is an elegant, robust, and trustworthy watch worth purchasing.

Essential information

Torgoen T21 Flight GMT is an incredible watch. It is rugged, stylish, and reliable. The watch is made from high-quality materials. It is made from high-grade 316L solid stainless steel that is curved back for starters. The dial window of the watch is scratch resistant because it is made from a sapphire crystal of the highest grade in the watch industry. The watch's straps are made from genuine Italian leather, and they come with different interchangeable straps. T21 Flying GMT has the Swiss GMT Movement that Rhonda manufactures. According to Ablogtowatch, Rhonda is a top-quality manufacturer famous for its robustness and reliability. It offers the best quality services. T21 is a unique watch because it incorporates an additional dial that makes one revolution every 24 hours, allowing timekeepers to maintain two different and independent time zones. The watch also features an extra date display spacing. The best thing about the Torgoen T21 is that it is water-resistant. The quality control team has done several tests to ascertain this fact. The team has immersed the straps and spring bars, proving that the watches are 100% resistant to 10ATM/100M/330FT. Torgoen believes in creating timepieces that boost your confidence. They have mastered making the best versions and models of aviation watches. The company uses high-quality material, and they inspect the production of the watch at every stage of manufacturing. Different watches have different warranties, which you can easily access through their website. Torgoen is a beautiful watch company committed to ensuring you get complete satisfaction from its products.

Availability and price

The T21 Flight GMT is available in three styles and is a watch for any style. The first model has a black dial, black Italian leather strap with different stitching, and yellow accents. The other models both have brown Italian leather straps with extra stitching, and you can choose either the one with navy or cream dials, but both have yellow accents. According to Youarrived, you can get the watch at $295 from Amazon or selected third-party sellers appointed by Torgoen to distribute the watches.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Strap: 24mm width made from genuine Italian leather strap
  • Case: High grade (316L) stainless steel
  • Water-resistant technology: up to 100 meters
  • Movement: Swiss Quartz Ronda 515.2
  • Warranty: to find out more about warranty information, contact the seller or visit the manufacturer's website.


Torgoen makes high-quality watches that are worth investing in. If you are an aspiring pilot or an aviation enthusiast, this is the perfect watch. Whenever you wear the watch, it will be a great conversation starter, and everyone will want to know why you decided to buy the Torgoen T21 Flight GMT watch. The watch is a premium model, and it will give you a donning and long-lasting experience.

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